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Motorcycle Battery BMW Motorrad

A key component of the motorcycle, the BMW motorcycle battery allows both its start, proper operation and the power supply of the various electrical elements. The motorcycle battery therefore ensures the performance and reliability of your motorcycle, which is why it is important to replace it at the slightest malfunction or damage.

Find all BMW motorcycle batteries on our site and find yours easily. Whether you are looking for a motorcycle battery for GS, RT, RS or any other BMW motorcycle, all batteries are present on the site. Find your battery, whether it's a BMW AGM battery (lead acid), a BMW Motorrad lithium battery or a gel battery.

Why choose an original BMW battery?

An original BMW battery, unlike a battery from another brand, meets the manufacturer's requirements. Tested according to very strict safety standards, BMW motorcycle batteries are reliable, efficient and have a long life. High quality, a BMW motorcycle battery has an average life of 2 to 5 years, it provides good starting power, constant performance and recharges quickly.

In addition to being perfectly compatible with your motorcycle, a BMW motorcycle battery allows you to keep the warranty on your motorcycle, while being itself guaranteed for 2 years.

When to replace your BMW motorcycle battery?

Knowing when to replace your motorcycle battery can be obvious once it's flat, there are also warning signs. Different factors can reduce the life of your battery, such as its age, how often the motorcycle is used, temperature and overall maintenance. If the battery charge does not hold, it loses power or needs to be recharged often, it must be replaced.

Replacing a BMW battery is simple, just disconnect the old battery, remove it from its location and install the new battery and connect it respecting the terminals. Finally, turn on the motorcycle to check for proper operation.

Which battery for your BMW motorcycle?

While there are three types of BMW motorcycle battery (AGM, gel and lithium), it is imperative to select the right one for your motorcycle. To find the right original BMW battery for your vehicle, simply enter your motorcycle model in the blue bar of our site, once validated, the site only displays the batteries compatible with your motorcycle.

If you have any doubts or questions, contact our team of BMW Motorrad experts by chat, email or telephone. Using your motorcycle model or VIN chassis number, we can advise you on the best items to meet your needs.


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