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46 Frame and mounting parts

Comparable to the human skeleton, the frame of your motorcycle allows it to hold and makes the link between all its components. Ensuring the stability and the good behavior of all the parts of your motorcycle, it is essential to have a complete frame in good condition as well as contiguous parts also in perfect condition.

The parts attached to the frame available in this category are all the parts originally included with your motorcycle, which have a link with the frame. This can be the luggage rack, the mudguard, the plate or headlight support, the footrests or running boards, the windshield adjustment, sometimes even the top case or the suitcases.

You will also find all the frame parts for your BMW motorcycle, i.e. the frame itself, front and rear, the central and side stands, the fairing and the coverings, the rear grab handles, the trim supports, the compartments and the front skirt.

Why choose original BMW Motorrad motorcycle frame spare parts?

BMW Motorrad OEM parts for motorcycle frames ensure perfect compatibility since they are factory-fitted parts. This fact also allows you to keep the warranty of your motorcycle. Tested and approved according to strict safety standards, the original parts are reliable and their high quality extends the life of your motorcycle.

How to find your original BMW parts for the frame of your motorcycle?

In order to find your BMW motorcycle frame spare parts, simply enter your motorcycle model in the blue bar at the top of the site. Once the type, series and model of motorcycle have been validated, the site will only show you compatible items. From then on, you can click on the diagram corresponding to your research to access the corresponding BMW microfiche.

In case of doubt, question or need, our team of experts remains available to assist you in your research. Contact us by email, chat or phone and benefit from our advice. We can also check the compatibility of an original BMW part using the VIN chassis number of your motorcycle, in order to guarantee a perfect fit.

Original motorcycle frame spare parts | BMW Motorrad

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