BMW Motorcycle Battery Charger

Find Original BMW Motorcycle Battery Chargers.
Original BMW Motorcycle Battery chargers are suitable for BMW Motorcycles although they can also charge other motorcycle models. The advantage of Original BMW Motorcycle Battery Chargers is that they plug directly into the auxiliary socket on your BMW Motorcycle. The BMW Motorrad Battery Chargers use the CanBus technology which allows your BMW Motorcycle Charger to ensure the charge of your Battery but also the maintenance in charge thanks to the intelligent CanBus technology.
There are 2 models of BMW Motorrad Battery Charger:
- The BMW Motorrad Battery Charger
- The BMW Motorrad Battery Charger Plus
The only difference between the 2 models is that The Plus Battery Charger also allows you to charge Lithium Technology Batteries.
You can order these Battery Chargers with ECE plug or UK plug.
For any questions regarding original BMW Motorcycle chargers, Contact our experts by chat / email or phone.

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