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BMW Motorrad Motorcycle Battery Charger

When you ride a lot, or on the contrary you store your motorcycle for long periods of time, its battery may discharge, get tired and wear out. However, if it is not necessary to change the battery at the first of these symptoms, it is important to remedy it with the right tools: the BMW motorcycle battery charger.

There is currently only one BMW battery charger: the BMW Motorrad battery charger plus. Attention, if there is only this model, it is available in several versions, adapted to the different voltages and types of sockets.

What are the uses of the BMW motorcycle battery charger?

A BMW motorcycle battery charger has several uses: beyond simply charging your battery, it also maintains the BMW motorcycle battery charge. As a permanent BMW charger, the battery charger allows you to store your motorcycle for the winter or long periods without damaging the battery. In addition, this charge maintenance function ensures that your battery is always charged.
The battery charger plus from BMW Motorrad allows you to extend the life of the battery, thanks to a maintained and charged motorcycle battery.

Why choose a BMW Motorrad battery charger?

The BMW motorcycle battery charger is very easy to use, thanks to its electronic display, you just have to select the type of battery and the mode you want to use (charge, maintain charge). On the screen, you can also check the percentage of charge of your battery.

Using a BMW motorcycle charger makes it easier to use with your BMW motorcycle, because you can then plug it directly into the auxiliary socket of your BMW motorcycle. This method eliminates the need to remove the saddle to access the battery. The BMW Can Bus motorcycle battery charger can therefore be used easily and quickly.

In general, BMW products, including the motorcycle battery charger, are of high quality and offer you good performance and unparalleled reliability. With this charger, you have, for example, an integrated electrical protection which guarantees you use without risks, in particular against short-circuits, overvoltages, etc.

How to ensure compatibility between the BMW battery charger and your motorcycle?

Supplied with its motorcycle battery cable, the BMW Motorrad battery charger plus is in fact compatible with all motorcycles, BMW or not. You can connect your charger via the Can Bus socket or directly to the battery using the clamps. The lithium battery charger is compatible with all types of batteries (lead, acid, AGM, lithium). The charger can therefore charge other motorcycle models, non-BMW, it is also a BMW scooter battery charger.

If you have any doubts or questions, contact our team of BMW Motorrad experts by chat, email or telephone. Using your motorcycle model or VIN chassis number, we can advise you on the best items to meet your needs.


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