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Motorcycle Lock & Alarm BMW

Find the original BMW Motorcycle locks and Alarms.

Protecting your BMW motorcycle against theft with an effective anti-theft device or alarm is essential. Your BMW motorcycle is jewelry and you need to have it locked with an effective alarm.

- The Brake Disc Lock + Alarm DWA will allow you to protect your motorcycle against theft but also to trigger an alarm in case of tampering with your BMW motorcycle.
- Thecontrol box Alarm DWA Alarm will allow you to post equip your BMW motorcycle with an effective alarm and connect to the onboard computer BMW.

All BMW Motorrad Motorcycle Parts & Accessories are made to last with highly resistant materials and manufacture and are under a 2-year warranty.

If you have any doubt or question or cannot find what you are looking for, contact us by chat, email or phone. Our BMW Motorrad expert team will advise you on the best items to fit your needs.


Select your motorcycle to see only the parts compatible with your vehicle

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