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Motorcycle Fuses & Relays BMW Motorrad

Fuses and relays for BMW motorcycles are essential for the proper electrical operation of the latter. They have an important role in the safety and protection of electrical circuits and the control of their power. Preventing short circuits and overloads, these parts must be replaced in the event of failure or damage.

Why opt for an original BMW Motorrad fuse?

The BMW motorcycle fuse to prevent any overload or short circuit of the motorcycle's electrical system allows the proper functioning of each electrical circuit (lighting, braking, ignition, etc.), which is why it is necessary to choose fuses that are recognized as compatible with your motorcycle. There are BMW mini fuses as well as BMW maxi fuses, classified by color and amperage, they are easily distinguishable.

The original BMW fuses are fully adapted to your motorcycle, since they are the original ones mounted on it, so there is no concern for electrical compatibility.

Why opt for an original BMW Motorrad BMW relay?

Motorcycle relays allow the activation and deactivation of high-power electrical circuits. It is important to have functioning BMW relays to protect the electrical systems and components of the motorcycle. BMW motorcycle relays and mini relays are fully compatible with your motorcycle since they are the original ones mounted on it, like the fuses.

Having BMW contactor relays as well as BMW fuses extends the life of your motorcycle's electrical components, which is why it is important that they are in good condition.

How to find your BMW motorcycle fuses and relays?

To find the fuse or relay you need for your BMW motorcycle, simply enter the information relating to the model of your motorcycle directly into the blue bar of our site. Once this information has been validated, the site will only show you the items compatible with your motorcycle. You can then find your way around thanks to the colors and amperages of the products.

If you have any doubts or questions, contact our team of BMW Motorrad experts by chat, email or telephone. Using your motorcycle model or VIN chassis number, we can advise you on the best items to meet your needs.


Select your motorcycle to see only the parts compatible with your vehicle

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