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Motorcycle stand BMW Motorrad

The BMW motorcycle stand is an essential element for its use because it allows its good parking or storage. Broken or damaged, a kickstand can endanger your motorcycle by compromising its balance, which can cause the motorcycle to fall, which is why it is highly important to replace your kickstand.

What types of BMW motorcycle stands are there?

There are several types of BMW motorcycle stands, intended for different uses, such as center stands, side stands and paddock stands.

BMW motorcycle central stands, can be used for parking the motorcycle or for its maintenance. They provide a stable upright position perfect for servicing the motorcycle. The BMW center stand is more stable than the side stand.

The BMW side stand is mainly used when parking, providing support to one side of the motorcycle. This BMW kickstand is particularly popular with smaller riders, as it tilts the bike a bit, providing a better angle to get on or off.

The workshop stand, also called BMW sports stand, is a different type of stand: it is not mounted on the motorcycle. Added to the wheel, the sports stand allows the complete stability of the motorcycle, ideal for maintenance but also for the preparation of the motorcycle on the track.

Why choose an original BMW Motorrad stand?

Choosing an original BMW stand guarantees you, firstly, a perfect adaptation to your motorcycle, since these are the parts mounted on it in factory or accessories which are specifically intended for it. Easy to install, the original BMW Motorrad stands are available in packs on our site in order to have all the necessary parts.

In addition, the original BMW motorcycle stands demonstrate the high quality of the brand. Covered by a 2-year warranty, the stands are subject to tested and approved quality and safety standards to ensure their reliability.

How to find a kickstand for your BMW motorcycle?

In order to find the central, side or workshop stand that will be adapted to your BMW motorcycle, you can simply enter your motorcycle model in the blue bar of our site. Once the data has been validated, the site will only show you compatible stands.

If you have any doubts or questions, contact our team of BMW Motorrad experts by chat, email or telephone. Using your motorcycle model or VIN chassis number, we can advise you on the best items to meet your needs.


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