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Motorcycle Clothing BMW Motorrad

Any motorcyclist concerned about safety understands the importance of wearing a full set of motorcycle gear. The BMW motorcycle equipment range brings together all the elements conducive to your safety in clothing and accessories with unparalleled style and comfort. Thanks to a robust composition, the entire BMW Motorrad equipment provides flawless security. So, whether you are on your bike every day for medium trips or an adventurer passionate about motorcycle road trips, dive into the world of comfort, security, and style by choosing BMW motorcycle gear.

What are the different BMW motorcycle gear?

BMW Motorrad offers a wide and complete range of rider equipment to meet the most specific needs of all motorcyclists. This range includes all the equipment necessary for your safety on the road, such as the basic gear like the BMW motorcycle jacket and BMW motorcycle gloves, to complete the set there are also BMW motorcycle pants and BMW Motorrad boots and shoes.

To go further in your protection and comfort, there is a set of functional clothing and BMW accessories, such as BMW motorcyclist protections, summer functional clothes for high temperatures and winter functional clothes for low temperatures. Finally, for the most particular weather conditions, find the BMW Motorrad rainproof clothing and balaclavas and neck warmers.

You can, initially, filter your BMW motorcycle equipment search by gender with a wide choice of both BMW motorcycle equipment for men and BMW motorcycle gear for women.

Collections are also split into practices and styles, which is why you can go directly to BMW GS Adventure gear for adventurers, to BMW Sport equipment for performance enthusiasts, to Heritage and Soulfuel gear for riders with an authentic style, to BMW Touring equipment for travelers, to Roadster gear and finally, to urban equipment for city users.

To suit all types of use and all roads, the equipment range is also available in seasons with BMW summer motorcycle gear for warm weather, all-season BMW gear, mid-season BMW gear and then BMW winter gear.

Why choose BMW Motorrad clothing?

Choosing BMW motorcycle gear not only provides a unique look that harmonizes with your motorcycle but also security in which you can have full trust. Peace of mind on the road is essential for riding with ease, which is why the choice of your equipment should not be overlooked.

All BMW motorcycle gear is tested according to very strict safety standards and thus conforms to the C.A.R.E. Concept (Concept of Advanced Rider Equipment). Perfected in collaboration with professional riders, BMW motorcycle gear ensures comfort and protection. Moreover, they are all covered by a 2-year international warranty.

If you are not sure of your size or cannot find what you are looking for, contact us via chat, email, or phone and our team of BMW Motorrad experts will advise you best on the BMW Motorrad gear you need.


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The range of BMW Rider gear

Motorcycle gear is the main protection for a rider, which is why it should be chosen with care. Finding good BMW motorcycle equipment means finding products that are suited to your size, comfort, and riding practice. With the BMW equipment of the motorcyclist, you will find all these elements as well as impeccable quality and style.

     BMW motorcycle jackets

BMW Motorrad motorcycle jackets are designed to suit your needs, whether in terms of comfort, safety, practicality, temperature, or simply style. BMW offers motorcycle equipment for all tastes, all seasons. There are BMW jackets for men, but also BMW motorcycle jackets for women.
In terms of seasonality, BMW Motorrad summer bike jackets are very efficient and offer you effective ventilation. BMW Motorrad winter motorcycle jackets are also perfect for keeping you warm.
BMW offers jackets in different materials, such as textile jackets, denim jackets and motorcycle leather jackets.
There is a jacket for each practice, there are Touring motorcycle jackets, Urban jackets, Roadster jackets, Sport jackets as well as Rally BMW GS jackets.
BMW Motorrad jackets are compatible with BMW protections, if not already included.

     BMW motorcycle pants

BMW Motorrad motorcycle pants follow the same principles as motorcycle jackets. They are made to adapt to all your needs, all practices and all temperatures. Most BMW pants are part of BMW Motorrad sets and go with the associated motorcycle jacket. Some are pants without a set, but all have the zip closure which allows the closed association with any jacket.
Rider pants have different options, such as waterproofing. All comply with current standards, and will protect you effectively. The protectors installed on BMW motorcycle pants are on the knees and hips.
BMW Motorrad rider trousers provide comfort even in high temperatures, thanks to ventilation technologies such as the Air Vent System.

     BMW motorcycle boots and shoes

BMW Motorrad motorcycle boots and shoes offer you maximum protection and great comfort. For each motorcycle practice there is a model, as well as for all styles, and different temperatures. For warmer temperatures, BMW Motorrad sneakers are the most effective.
Options such as waterproof are available for BMW motorcycle shoes and boots. Some BMW Motorrad boots also have oil and fuel resistant soles.
With protective reinforcements in the most exposed areas, BMW motorbike boots and shoes protect your feet in the best possible way. Reinforcements also protect your BMW Motorrad boots and shoes from wear and tear, so that they accompany you on all your rides for as long as possible.
BMW boots, shoes and sneakers are made of several different materials, for the most effective safety, most are leather bmw motorcycle shoes.

     BMW motorcycle gloves

BMW Motorrad gloves give you protection, quality and style at the same time. Manufactured to resist, their resistance is a priority, which allows continuous protection.
BMW summer motorcycle gloves are highly ventilated and give you a feeling of freshness even during the hottest periods of the year.
Mid-season and all-season gloves will adapt to average temperatures, or even both extremes, for example thanks to the Two-in-One Tech technology.
BMW gloves have a leather base for maximum safety, and remain very comfortable.

     BMW motorcycle helmets

BMW Motorrad motorcycle helmets are the perfect compromise between safety, comfort and style. They’ve got everything you could want from a helmet, and more. There are different types of BMW motorcycle helmets, modular, jet, full-face and GS helmets. For each helmet, a communication system is available.
BMW motorcycle helmets are designed to adapt to all types of driving, whether urban, road, on circuit or enduro.

     Other BMW motorcycle equipment

For BMW Motorrad, rider gear does not end with jacket, pants, gloves, boots and helmet. This is why BMW Motorrad also thinks of everything that is under the equipment, that protects you and everything that improves driving comfort.

BMW protections

The available BMW Motorrad protections are compatible with BMW Motorrad biker equipment. There are different types of protection, those that fit into BMW motorcycle gear or those that are worn directly.

BMW underwear

BMW Motorrad has developed its lines of underwear, they keep you warm or cool. Developed with special technologies, they adapt to temperatures to guarantee you the best driving experience.

BMW functional clothing

The range of BMW Motorrad functional clothing is created to improve driving conditions, comfort and safety.
It allows you to protect yourself from rain, cold and heat, without leaving your motorcycle.