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Motorcycle Protections & Crash bar BMW Motorrad

If your motorcycle is important to you, it is important to protect it effectively against falls, projectiles and friction. Well protected, your BMW motorcycle is ready to explore all types of roads and live your adventures.

There are different types of protection for BMW motorcycles, for example you can protect your hands, your engine, your radiator, your tank, your levers etc. It is also important to select protections adapted to your motorcycle, because a crash bar for GS 1250 will not be the same as a crash bar for R18.

What are the types of BMW motorcycle protection?

If there is a type of protection for each area at risk in the event of a fall or intense outing, it is important to differentiate them.

The BMW crash bars: also called engine protection bracket, this crash bar protection surrounds the engine with resistant bars and is very effective protection in the event of a fall. The BMW crashbar can consist of two parts (upper and lower), in which case it protects both the cylinder head covers and the tank.

The BMW engine guard, also called engine guard, is placed under the engine and effectively protects it from projectiles. It is particularly appreciated during sports and enduro outings. On the same principle, the radiator guards in the form of a grid come to protect the radiator of your motorcycle from projectiles.

BMW rocker covers or cylinder head covers add protection to the cylinder heads, on each side of the engine (typical of the boxer engine). Resistant, they will protect your cylinder heads in the event of a fall.

BMW hand protectors: these BMW motorcycle protectors will protect your hands from projectiles and wind when riding, as well as your levers and handles in the event of a fall. If you only want to protect your levers, there are also BMW motorcycle lever guards.

Why choose an original BMW protection and/or crash bar?

An original BMW motorcycle protection will be completely adapted to your motorcycle, so you will have no doubts about the reliability. Also, BMW products are faithful to the high quality of the brand. Covered by a 2-year warranty, the products are tested and approved on strict safety standards. Opting for original protections helps you extend the life of your motorcycle as well as its aesthetics.

How to find the right BMW motorcycle protection for your model?

In order to find the crash bar or any other protection adapted to your model of motorcycle, you just have to enter its information in the blue bar of our site. Once this information has been validated, the site will only show you compatible products. We recommend always opting for a complete pack that will contain everything necessary for assembly and use.

If you have any doubts or questions, contact our team of BMW Motorrad experts by chat, email or telephone. Using your motorcycle model or VIN chassis number, we can advise you on the best items to meet your needs.


Select your motorcycle to see only the parts compatible with your vehicle

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