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Motorcycle Top case BMW Motorrad

BMW motorcycle top cases are the most common and practical motorcycle storage accessory. Ideal in all situations, it contributes to your storage capacity, to the comfort and versatility of your motorcycle. Indispensable when travelling, it is also an asset in everyday life.

There is a wide choice of BMW topcases within the luggage range, which is why it is important to choose the right pack. A top case for GS will not be the same as a too case for RT, for example, not to mention the different types of supports. Before making your choice, you can, for example, explore the different options and discover our advice.

What types of BMW top cases are there?

For your BMW top box or topcase to fit perfectly on your motorcycle, you have to choose the right model, but there are several. How to differentiate them?

The BMW Vario top case: Like the Vario panniers, the BMW Vario top cases are adjustable in size and can hold a helmet. Typically GS, this top case is highly versatile.

The BMW aluminum top case: with its robust style, the aluminum top case is reputed to be the GS top case par excellence. Being able to contain 1 helmet, it adapts perfectly to the aesthetics and lines of the motorcycle.

The BMW Touring top case: the only BMW double top case and with a capacity of 49L, it is a BMW 2-helmet top case. Ideal for long trips or regular passengers, it is the most comfortable.

The classic BMW top box: the classic BMW top cases range in size from 28L to 35L, they can contain a helmet and follow the aesthetics of the motorcycle with several colors available.

Why choose an original BMW Motorrad top case?

Opting for an original BMW top case brings you many advantages, in addition to the aesthetics perfectly associated with your motorcycle. The perfect fit on your top case support allows your passenger to be well installed and secure. Assembly and disassembly are very simplified. Usable with your motorcycle key or an additional key, BMW top cases are very easy to use in your daily life.

After many years of listening, research and testing by BMW experts, the safety, resistance and durability of BMW top cases has only been improved. In line with the expectations of BMW motorcyclists, the top cases are also compatible with many accessories such as interior bags, backrests, and more.
The advantage of choosing a complete pack on our site is clear: you are sure to order the pack with the top case adapted to your motorcycle, the corresponding lock and the accessories necessary for use.

How to find your BMW motorcycle top case?

There is nothing easier than finding the BMW top case you need thanks to our site. All you have to do is enter your motorcycle model in the blue bar, once the information has been validated, the site will only show you compatible items and packs.

We advise you to check that your support is compatible with the top case of your choice. For some motorcycles such as the GS, you have the option of replacing the top case support to go from Vario to Alu, for example. Different colors may be available, for a touch of personalization.

If you have any doubts or questions, contact our team of BMW Motorrad experts by chat, email or telephone. Using your motorcycle model or VIN chassis number, we can advise you on the best items to meet your needs.


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