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BMW Motorrad Motorcycle Panniers & Rear Racks

Optimize the available loading space on your motorcycle with original BMW Motorrad luggage supports. Specially designed for your bike, they perfectly adapt to its design and mounts to offer a robust and reliable setup. Thanks to easy installation, you can install your BMW luggage racks yourself.

What are the different original BMW Motorrad luggage supports?

There is a wide range of BMW luggage, which is why it is necessary to have supports adapted to your needs.

To meet your needs, you can install a BMW top case luggage rack, which will allow you to install a top case on your motorcycle, as well as a BMW motorcycle suitcase support for side cases. The BMW rear support offers greater versatility, as it also allows for the use of a rear bag, for example.

Finally, you should opt for supports suited to your type of luggage, such as BMW Vario luggage supports, BMW Alu luggage supports, supports for Touring or even sports luggage. By installing, for example, the BMW Vario top case rack, you can perfectly install the Vario top case. It is very important to choose the right supports and BMW adapter plates.

Why choose an original BMW motorcycle luggage rack?

It is necessary to use an original BMW top case and suitcase support to ensure perfect adaptation as well as safety tested according to very strict standards. The BMW Motorrad luggage supports are designed to withstand the rigors of the road, whether on long trips or off-road outings. These supports ensure the proper holding of your luggage in all situations, thus guaranteeing your safety and that of your belongings.

To find the BMW luggage rack intended for your motorcycle specifically, enter the information about your motorcycle in the blue bar at the top of the site. Once this information is validated, the site will only display the compatible supports.

If you already have original BMW luggage supports, you can install original BMW cases or a top case.

In case of doubt, question or need, our team of experts remains available to assist you in your search. Contact us by email, chat or phone and benefit from our advice. We can also check a BMW original part compatibility using your motorcycle's VIN number, to ensure a perfect fit.


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