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BMW Motorrad Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

The BMW helmet range is made up of different types, which are themselves divided into collections. Among these, we find the full-face BMW helmet. Classic among all motorcyclists, the full-face helmet is a safe solution, suitable for everyone. Available in different shapes and colors, the BMW full-face helmet is versatile

What are the advantages of a BMW full face helmet?

Full-face motorcycle helmets are known to be the safest, they are the only ones to offer permanent complete protection in an aerodynamic and compact shell. Unlike enduro helmets which also offer a full shell, full face helmets can easily be stored in any type of bag or top case. Thanks to a fixed chin guard, the BMW full-face helmet guarantees constant effective protection for your jaw. In addition, full-face helmets are compatible with most communication systems, including universal intercoms. Customizable, full-face helmets can be equipped with visors in different shades.

What are the BMW full-face helmet collections?

There are different options for full-face BMW motorcycle helmets, which will be more suited to certain styles or certain practices. For example, there is a full-face helmet more suited to sporty driving, a more retro helmet, etc.

The BMW M Pro Race helmet: full-face and sporty

The BMW M Pro Race helmet is a BMW full-face helmet intended for sports or racing pilots. Aerodynamic and lightweight, it is designed for the highest speeds. It can be considered as a BMW Motorsport helmet or even as a BMW M helmet, part of the M Pro Race range and offering the classic Motorsport colors.

The BMW Motorrad Xomo helmet: complete all-rounder

The BMW Xomo helmet is a lightweight and secure full-face helmet, intended for versatile road use, also called Roadster. With a sporty and discreet style, this helmet is suitable for a large number of motorcyclists looking for a complete helmet.

The BMW Grand Racer helmet: classic and retro

Among BMW full-face helmets, the Grand Racer helmet is the only full-face BMW Motorrad helmet that offers such a particular style. It combines retro style with modern protection and comfort, perfect to complete your Soulfuel outfit.

Other collections of BMW helmets: the Street X helmet

There are two other BMW collections of full-face helmets, including the BMW Street X helmet and the BMW Race helmet. These helmets with sporty curves are available for Roadster use and offer complete protection.

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