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BMW Motorrad Jet Motorcycle Helmet

Among the different types of BMW Motorrad motorcycle helmets we find jet helmets. Known for their particular shape without chin guard and for their particular style, BMW jet helmets are attracting more and more motorcyclists and scooterists. You are certainly wondering what collections exist, what is different about them and what are the advantages of using a jet helmet, the answer is below.

What are the BMW Motorrad jet helmet collections?

If there are different collections of BMW jet helmets it is to best match the needs and expectations of different motorcyclists, discover the two current collections.

The Sao Paulo BMW helmet: modern and stylish

The BMW Sao Paulo helmet is a jet helmet suitable for modern motorcyclists. It offers perfect aerodynamics in a secure and comfortable shell. With a modern style, the Sao Paulo helmet is available in different colors to suit your style or your scooter. It is perfectly suitable for daily use in the city, in particular thanks to its two visors, one of which is interior.

The BMW Bowler helmet: retro and classic

The Bowler helmet is the only BMW jet helmet to have stood the test of time, thanks to a timeless alliance of vintage style and modern comfort. We can then consider it as a vintage BMW helmet. It is the perfect equipment for all bikers with an authentic style, Heritage or Soulfuel.
Available in a wide choice of colors and patterns including special editions, the BMW Bowler helmet adapts perfectly to the colors of your equipment and your motorcycle. It is also ideal to be worn on an R18 or an R NineT.

What are the advantages of a BMW jet helmet?

BMW jet helmets are renowned for being both practical and comfortable: practical, they are more compact than full-face helmets and can be stored easily; comfortable, it is pleasant to wear them in hot weather because they allow you to enjoy the breeze. Particularly appreciated during urban journeys, jet helmets are ideal for everyday use.
Thanks to different visors available as options, BMW jet helmets are fully customizable and can then match your style, outfit and motorcycle or scooter.

If you are not sure of your size or cannot find what you are looking for, contact us by chat, email or telephone and our team of BMW Motorrad experts will be able to advise you best.


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