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BMW Motorrad Motorcycle Flip-Up & Modular Helmets

Within the range of BMW helmets we find helmets adapted to different practices, including the modular helmet. Popular with all types of motorcyclists, the BMW flip-up helmet represents the ultimate versatility and offers numerous benefits. Currently, the range consists of the System 7 EVO helmet.

The advantages of a BMW modular helmet

A BMW modular helmet offers many advantages, it represents the perfect balance between comfort, safety and functionality. Very popular with modern motorcyclists, modular helmets are suitable for motorcyclists of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Among the range of BMW motorcycle helmets, only the modular helmet offers this level of flexibility. Adapted to each situation, the modular helmet can go from a full-face helmet to a jet helmet in an instant, without tools.

The comfort of the BMW modular motorcycle helmet demonstrates its place at the top of the range, notably thanks to superior padding, excellent acoustics and advanced ventilation systems. Lightweight, BMW modular helmets provide a comfortable and safe driving experience. The aerodynamic design of the BMW modular motorcycle helmet limits wind resistance for increased comfort.

The BMW modular helmet offers maximum safety in all situations thanks to double approval, both full face and jet. Tested to strict safety standards, the modular helmet is highly protective.

System 7 EVO helmet: the most versatile BMW helmet

The BMW System 7 EVO helmet is therefore at the top of the range and can be qualified as the most versatile BMW motorcycle helmet. Ideal for all types of journeys, whether on long touring trips or during your daily urban journeys, this helmet adapts to your needs.
In addition, the System 7 EVO BMW helmet is perfect in all seasons thanks to its jet version which allows you, once open, to enjoy the refreshing breeze. Also, equipped with two visors, the complete helmet adapts to all weather conditions.

Much more than a simple BMW motorcycle helmet, the System 7 EVO modular helmet is a technological innovation, which can be equipped with an optional System 7 modular helmet communication system or worn with ConnectedRide Smartglasses.

If you are not sure of your size or cannot find what you are looking for, contact us by chat, email or telephone and our team of BMW Motorrad experts will be able to advise you best.


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