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Motorcycle Flip-Up Helmet BMW

The Flip-Up System 7 Carbon BMW Helmet is a modular helmet positioned on the most high-end of the market and specially developped by BMW Motorrad to bring you maximum comfort and safety.

Very light with its 1480g and less than 1kg without the chin strap, the BMW System 7 Carbon Helmet is the most comfortable modular helmet. The BMW System 7 Carbon Helmet allows you to be comfortable in all conditions with or without its chin strap, especially if you equip it with a V3 Communication System, designed for System 7 Carbon Helmets.

Of course, BMW provides all Visors and Spare Parts for the BMW System 7 Carbon Helmet. All BMW Helmets are under a 5-year international manufacturer warranty.

Find the BMW System 7 Carbon Flip-Up Helmet in all its colors: Spectrum, Moto, Prime, Silver, Black, Graphit Matt Metallic and Light White.

Any question about the BMW System 7 Cabon Helmet? Not sure about your size? Contact our experts by chat, email or phone.

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